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October 17, 2008



I did the cruise thing through www.expeditiontrips.com a few years back and had a blast. It was certainly more expensive that the flight you mention, but if you don't live in Australia it's probably not that much more since you'd have to fly to Sydney and/or Melbourne first. For the cruise you have to fly to South America before setting sale in Patagonia. And, as I did, it's not a terribly expensive cruise if you share a cabin with someone else, if you're a solo traveler, and are happy to meet new friends from other places. I had roommates on the M/V Orlova from Brazil and Japan. What a great time and I couldn't recommend it higher! It's definitely THE most beautiful place I've ever been...althoug Fiordland National Park in New Zealand is definitely a close second.


I think I would lose it completely after 12 hours of flight and nerves that I have to wait for my turn. This has rip-off written all over it!!

Travel Agents In Jordan

Lol i agree with Mircea ...
antarctica has been on my to-do list for a long time now ... but never seem to get a chance ... but even if i did .. i wouldnt g for this offer ... would rather do it the traditional way .. and get to see it properly .. after you dont get a chance to go there too often .. :)

samuel kian

not to mention the $999. Whats so interesting about antarctica? All we can see is ice, and ice? Sorry if it sounds harsh, I live in a tropical island. There must be something interesting that i dunno about antarctica.

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