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October 03, 2008


Kate Hedges

Traditional Austrian and German costumes are beautifully made, unique and last forever. I've had a dirndl I bought when a student in Austria for over 30 years. These small 'works of art' have always been expensive. When in Munich, if you want the real deal, prepare to spend a bundle and head for Loden-Frey. If you are just looking for something funny to wear to Oktoberfest, by all means, buy the cheap and cheerful Chinese version.

Delanne Lay

I love the genuine German costumes and am planning to wear one on Halloween.


I definitely think the real deal is the best way to go. However, realistically, I can't afford it. Whenever I travel I buy as authentic as I can afford, and if that means buying something smaller, that's fine. Because I can't afford it and because if I still wanted to dress the part, I can see myself begrudgingly purchasing the cheaper knock-off. It's times like this where I wish a german dirndl maker would make a more affordable variation. That way, I could support the locals, like I want, but wear what I want at the same time.


We are in Rothenberg, Germany at the moment and saw the real Lederhosen every where today. I can actually see good reasons to buy either kind, depending on your needs and budget.

I think it is always good to go with quality, but if a tourist is only going to wear it for a Halloween costume, not sure the full price is worth it.

Certainly if I wore it regularly in Bavaria for Oktoberfest, I think I would invest in the best and support the local artists.

Luckily, we are budget travelers on a world tour with no room to add any more! ;)

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