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September 11, 2008


Amy Greenstein


I do not know how to reach you any other wayand don't know how else to give you this very sad news. Leon passed away, today, 9/12/08 at around 11AM Chicago time.

Elisa would love to hear from you and needs you to tell your parents.

I hope your travels continues to be awesome, they sound great so far. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.



Bison have been our favorite wildlife sighting too!! We pedaled past two herd of buffalo in northern BC - one herd of about 50 and the other of about 20. It was sooooo cool!! The other animal I was stunned to ride past was bighorn sheep - absolutely magical!!

Thanks so much for your list of favorites! It's always fun to hear what makes things special for others.



Hey Jenss Fam! Great travel journal, very insightful, you have a very authentic voice and the photos are beautiful. (The Black Sand beach is one of my favorites too. You know I got in a fender bender on the serpentine road to Hana. Luckily, it was towards the mountain not the sea. Scary none the less) I'll stay tuned as your drop of the face of the US! Be safe, Jess

annette osnos

Hey there, we totally miss you!! But I did want to tell you that I went to the Mindshare Casino night and in my efforts to get a drink, I met Mark Miller (bloomberg). We got to talking and he said he had just heard a concert with you in SF!! Small world, eh??
Hope life is treating all of you well...
best wishes, annette
*did you get absentee ballots before you left for the Presidential election???


It has been 3 weeks. Where are you guys?
Would love more updates about what is going on.

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