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September 19, 2008


Debo Hobo

YummyYum! and healthy and environmentally correct.


We need more restaurants like this. Overfishing and bottom trawling are destroying our planet. As a sushi lover, this is a great alternative.


Awesome. Simply awesome. I've been to this place and it's off the hook. Better go back before it blows up

Ken Peterson

Kudos to the small band of sushi chefs and restaurateurs who are serving sustainable seafood in their sushi bars.

Starting in late October, special consumer guides created by Blue Ocean Institute (cited above), Environmental Defense Fund (www.edf.org), and Monterey Bay Aquarium (www.seafoodwatch.org) will give sushi lovers guidance and information to make healthy, delicious and sustainable sushi choices.

Each of us, as consumers and sushi chefs, have a critical role to play in conserving our ocean health. We applaud those chefs who are leading the movement, and we look forward to inspiring sushi-lovers with our new guides.


So what’s an eco-conscious sushi lover to do?

Eat vegetarian sushi!! (After all, sushi isn't a synonym for raw fish, contrary to popular belief.) Sure, an inventive veggie roll may be hard to come by at many sushi restaurants, but it can be super tasty. And easy and cheap to make at home. One of these days Noah and I will open our vegetarian sushi restaurant and become wildly rich. I assume.

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