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September 16, 2008



I'm quite sure a market will spring up of its own accord outside the gates of the fence. If hawkers can't go in, they will do the next best thing and hang out in the parking lot or just outside. I've seen the same thing happen in other places.

Kayt Sukel

I agree that more peddler control is needed. A camel rider actually rode off with my son after a photo to try to negotiate a higher price. A little scary.

But in a way, these merchants and "baksheesh" men are part of the experience. And I think banning them outright will bring its own problems. I hope that all interested parties come up with a workable solution!

Sean O'Neill

Great insight! Letting the local population engage is a much better idea. I hope they can do that as well as cut dramatically down on the peddlers.


It's about time. That was the one thing I liked the least about my trip to Egypt. At first I didn't really mind all of the peddlers and people asking for baksheesh (tips), but by the end of the trip I was sick of it...especially when they got mad at me, because I'm an American, when I wouldn't give them money for absolutely no reason.


My recent visit to Teotihuacan (Mexico's pyramids) was marred by the constant harassment by peddlers. When they line up along the path and lay out their wares, I'll take a look... but when they chased after me as I was trying look around, I refused to consider their trinkets.


We were encouraged not to buy any souveiners outside the pyramids as the same things were available for cheaper in the khalili bazaar. But i felt that the things outside the pyramids were nicer and looked more traditional. Some of those things could not be found in the bazaar, however a visit to the bazaar is a must!

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