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September 05, 2008


NJ Geographer

South Orange and Newark are not part of Central Jersey; both are considered North Jersey. Your "heart of the state" could stand to benefit from an anatomy course.


Ouch! NJ Geographer really got up your ass about what is considered Central Jersey or North Jersey. While I would agree South Orange is North Jersey (and that Central is the "heart of the state")it is all a matter of perspective. For example: people in North Jersey say that Toms River is South Jersey while those around LBI and south consider it North Jersey or Central. So really if you were in Montvale, South Orange may be Central Jersey-so lay off NJ Geographer!:)

John Ur

Thanks Megan. Gotta stick up for your own, right? NJ Geo - point taken, but like Megan says, it's all relative and what I meant by that line was that the scenes from Garden State "look" like the CJ suburbs. You'd have to be a resident of S. Orange to be able to tell the difference between those streets and those in Westfield, Cranford, E. Brunswick or other cities further south.


Yeah seriously. Also the statement that your heart of the state could "benefit from an anatomy course"-really...did you stay up all night thinking of that little ditty? oh btw Jersey rules and even though the movie "Jersey Girl" was an abomination, I think it really shows the Atlantic Highlands area in an accurate light-I thought 'Hey! I wanna live there' when I was watching it.

Marilyn Terrell

I never saw Station Agent but now I want to rent it.

Dave Jackson

It's amazing that more people don't write about Jersey beaches. There are so many areas along the coast that are enjoyable. I've found in my travels that asking the locals where they go - or where the tourists go (normally two different places), you'll find the very best options. Hasn't failed me yet. Kind regards, Dave Jackson Three Best Beaches

Uncle Steve

HOW DE FREAK AWR YA.... OK... I love Jersey. Always have, always will.
From where I live (at the intersection of Rts 287 and 80) in Parsippany, I can tell ya that the "hills" are much nicer than the shore, NO OFFENSE to all the beachcombers out there in blog land, but being raised in Middlesex County. Then residing in Essex County, and since 94 in Morris County, I find the "lakers" are more laid back than the imports "down the shore"... Question; How do you know someone is from out of state when they're on the Seaside boardwalk?? They're on the cell phone saying they're "at the beach!"
U S.....


Obviously there are a lot of films out there shot in Nj in all of its diverse glory, but I also wanted to mention a few tv shows including the trashy show from trashy Secaucus that gave Jerry Springer the idea for his platform... "The Richard Bey Show". What about the public access show that is so near and dear to my heart... "Uncle Floyd" shot in Bellville who hosted lil' known acts like the Ramones. People would be surprised by all of the cinematic history NJ offers, but that is in keeping with Nj's roll. PS - Newark is soooo Central Jersey.

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