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September 10, 2008


Horse N. Buggy

Overall, I guess this is a good idea. However, all those billboards made Xi'an stand out to me. We stayed in a Western run Sheraton in Xi'an. It was the first place where I could get a close approximation of Western style dinner. I know that's not what travel is supposed to be about, but by that part of my trip, I really needed to taste a little bit of home. Anyway, the neon lights of the billboards and the really nice hotel reminded me very strongly of Las Vegas. We even went to one of the best stage shows I've ever seen (in any part of the world), so that kinda added to the Vegas flavor. But, yes, I was there to see the Terracotta Warriors. It really didn't bother me that the city seemed modernized while we were viewing such a historic location.

The only negative thing that really stood out to me was the think layer of smog over the area. The local guide told us that the region is very dependent on burning coal. Wow. The smog was worse in Xi'an than in Beijing. Wait, maybe that was Guilin? No, I think it was Xi'an.


applaud this move. some places should be left as in the old days, other places modern :) (read - 50 years to clean up?)

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