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September 18, 2008



I'm really enjoying these posts. Looking forward to Swaziland.


That top picture is classic! :)


My kids used to HATE that!! My blond-haired, blue-eyed twins lived in Ethiopia until they were four, then in Asia until they were seven. People came up all the time to touch their hair and stroke their faces. One of them tolerated it just fine, but the other one started hitting their hands away after a while. I couldn't blame him, but it just didn't seem polite somehow!

Enjoy your journey!


The Londons

We're so happy that the journey is going well, and we can't wait to hear more stories when you get home. The kids may not need to think that you're "heading home" from this point on, but we'll take it! Miss you and all of our love - k, r, & d


That's freshing story to share wit every one. Can't wait about your reviewing of pattaya in Thailand :-)


Very cool about the paralympics and I guess get used to the "celebrity treatment". You all will be getting much more of that in Thailand : )

Julie S.Selby

Dear Rainer and Carol,

I have been reading your boys' blog to my children and just stumbled upon yours!
I think of your family often and glad that all of you are well and having the time of your life!
We are moving into our new home this weekend!
I wish that all we had were the bags you travel with!

Take care..much love!

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