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August 05, 2008



Sounds like an incredible trip. I recently was near Hurst Island and saw some whales, but none while kayaking! That's amazing.

Emily Haile

Wow, what a great story! Thanks so much for sharing, Norie. It looks gorgeous out there. I hope to go on a kayak trip soon, too! It seems to be an incredible way to see wildlife without disturbing it.

Linda Hagen Miller

Our group followed Nori's by a couple of weeks and we DID see orcas. Big males with 5-ft high dorsal fins, mommas and babies, glided within 100 yards. Breathtaking.


Glad you got to see them, Linda. I'd love to go back.


Our family did a trip with Sea Kayak Adventures into the Baja a few years ago and it was a most wonderful experience, hopefully we can make it to "God's Pocket" sometime soon. Thanks for sharing the experience.

Judith and Bill

Thank you for sharing......... we also are "alumni" of SeaKayaking Adventures........ in Baja. and had an amazing adventure. GodsPocket is on our list for our next adventure.

Dan and Jenn

We're SKA alumni as well, having done the Johnstone Strait. We were fortunate enough to see a few orcas at a distance, some humpbacks, seals, plenty of porpoises, and some spectacular country. Terry and crew made the entire trip seem easy.

Richard & Antje Cripe

We did God's Pocket with SKA a couple of years ago, so it was fun to read your account. Aren't Bill and Annie great! We saw Orcas, but at a distance, and watched a humpback whale from Bill's boat outside of Port Hardy. I also went on the Johnstone Strait trip that involved a close encounter with a couple of orcas. Very thrilling. Maybe Mexico next.

Ann Hess

I've also done the Baja trip in Mexico. It was very cool. We met some great people and in fact are going on vacation to visit some of them and one of our objectives is to discuss going on the God's pocket trip hopefully summer of 2009. Highly recommend SKA

Malcolm Thompson & Rosemarie Jundt

We have completed three trips with SKA and can highly recomend them to anyone wanting adventure and close up wild life. Our last trip was to Nuchatlitz Provincial Park on the west coast of Vancouver Island and lots of sea otters. We are hoping to travel with SKA in 2009 on the God's Pocket trip.

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