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August 11, 2008


Camels & Chocolate

I recently flew Southwest for the first time in years, and we actually played games on the flight! The first one was a guessing game, sort of 20 Questions-like, with the cabin crew and their former professions. The second was a pass the toilet paper relay competition--it was hilarious and made for seatmate bonding!

Marilyn Terrell

Another ray of sunshine in airline news:
When my daughter set off on her month-long bike trip to Ireland and Sardinia, she said British Airways would transport her bike for free. Her dad and I were dubious, and showed up at the ticket counter with extra cash, but it was true-- as long as the bike was in a box or bag, they would carry it for free. (But probably not for long, a gloomy fellow at the ticket counter warned.)

ML Harris

A dour note:
Emirates has taken out a ton of paper. And they are replacing it with a ton of water that they will carry the whole way.
Net savings in fuel: Zero.
Net transfer of benefits: Upwards.
Economic Efficiency: Negative.
Let's see: 15-40 First class passengers to 50-200 folks in steerage. I and my 200 peers have lost my magazine so some fat cat can shower? Whatever. Just one more reason not to fly to the middle east.

Kenya Holidays

It's a real chnage to read about a "low cost" carrier that gives such excellent service. I fly regularly with a certain low cost carrier in the UK and the impression is the complete opposite. Boarding is a free-for-all, the staff appear harrassed and more keen to ensure you purchase something and the whole experience is not one I look forward to. I read a great book about Southwest airlines and your experience bears out what I read>

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