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August 22, 2008



Great! Send those crawlers to the scrapyard fast so sandpeople can reuse the materials and make some cool droids.

ML Harris

Fly National and BWI instead.


So: a pace that a snail would envy. Is the snail jealous that the shuttle is going even slower than it is? Or faster? Because even though snails are kind of synonomous with slowness, I've got to believe that it's not actually something they're proud of. At least that's what my snail friends tell me.

Either way, good ridance to the shuttles. Now please build the Silver Line out to there, and I might actually use Dulles.


Noah surfaces! I meant that the only creature that could possibly be jealous of the speed of the people movers would be snails. Or perhaps sloths. I'm also hoping the silver line extends to Dulles, let's hope their "we can build a subway" plan works out to that end...


Please don't inflate Noah's head any larger than it already is by pretending he's some sort of commenting superstar.

Susan Kelley

FINALLY! I avoid Dulles mostly because of the atrocious slowness of those things. I wish they'd open the tarmac, because I can walk faster than those move.

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