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August 27, 2008



The problem is, the Dead Sea has been dying for thousands of years. While irrigation and siphoning of rivers have hastened the process, in the long run, there is nothing which can be done about it. It is doomed and like so many inland seas in the geologic record, the Dead Sea will become a salt flat.

The "lowest point on Earth" isn't just a coincidence.

Adding more sea water will also add more salt to the water. I suppose there could be economic benefits of raising the water level (tourism), and the increased salt levels really can't hurt much as the water is so saline that hardly anything can live in it.

Nonetheless, eventually, the Dead Sea will disappear, even if humans vanished tomorrow.

Rachael Dunlap

Thanks, Gary.

This is definitely a good point. And it raises an interesting debate topic: how much should we interfere with the natural processes that affect (and in many cases, created in the first place) the destinations we value?

The Dead Sea's predicament, as you said, was obvioulsy exacerbated by humans, but what of issues such as erosion and other natural processes that threaten to destroy (over a long period of time) other natural wonders we care about?

I tend to lean towards letting nature run its course, but I think good arguments can be made on both sides of such a debate.

Donna Landers

What a great, informative blog! I totally agree with you - we should let nature run its course. Obviously, we humans need to respect, and consequently take care of, God's natural gifts to us, but I am against this type of articifically trying to manipulate nature. If in trying to "fix" the Dead Sea, what happens if we harm the Gulf of Aqaba/Eilat and the Arava Valley? In my opinion, it's not worth the risk.


"Small" correction needed here; The Dead Sea is NOT dying for thousands of years! Due to water diversion (irrigation, drinking) from Lake Kineret and the Jordan River less water are reaching the Dead Sea. How much less? Since the 1980's the lake is loosing 1 meter a year, and is now -419 meter bellow sea level.
Adding sea water (red sea or Mediterranean Sea, which ever one) will change some natural chemical composition (read: Formulating A Regional Policy for the Future of the Dead Sea The "Peace Conduit" Alternative by Ittai Gavrieli and Amod Bein) More research is needed regardless. But it will not make the Dead Sea saltier, if anything, it will be the opposite because you actually dilute the water with less saltier water. Also, the rate of evaporation will be higher because of that.
So, before you give it up, I suggest you should read some more about it. If the Dead Sea despair (schedule to do so within 40 years if nothing will be done) There would be economic implication on both sides of the sea (I mean Jordan and Israel: tourism and chemical industry).
Some other solutions proposed by experts is to build more desalination station for drinking water and take less water from the Jordan so more water will flow in the Dead Sea.
If the Peace Conduit will be build it will take about 20 years to replenish the dead Sea.
We need to harry up!!!

Daniel Hoffman

See the forthcoming (October 2008) issue of "Water21", the International Water Association's (IWA) magazine, for an article with proposals for improving the design, economics and public acceptability of the Red Sea Dead Sea Water Conveyance Project and providing solutions to all the concerns of the Projects' (many) opponents.

Rachael Dunlap

Thanks, Daniel. I will check that out. Is it available online or do I need to track down a hard copy?

Daniel Hoffman

Let me know your e-mail address and I will relay to you an electronic copy of the full original paper, of which the Water21 article is but an abridged version.


The Word of God in Ezekiel says it will be refilled but will be surrounded by salt flats. It will have as greater diversity of species as the 'Great Sea' (Med).

Just watch, everything else in the Bible has come true :)

God bless


Religion believe IS NOT a scientific proof!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a personal issue one choose to follow.
Biblical stories can be beautiful sometimes, but are good for people that don't like to think for themselves, but to follow other.
Evolve, religion is a thing from the past, the Dead Sea is not going to all of a sudden be replenish with water, wake up "Whitters" it is 2008 not the middle ages.

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