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July 24, 2008


mary beth

have fun in san fran! i love the city. hug some hippies for me.


Pam is wonderful folk! Had the pleasure of meeting her last month as well.


I am so glad you enjoyed our city! And delighted that we were able to hang out together. Come back any time.


I'm glad you got a chance to see West Seattle, it's a wonderful place. I love going to Alki Beach in the winter; it's not crowded and I can soak up the cold humid air and pretend it's not winter.


Oooh! I want to try the Gut Bomb Burger!

Marilyn Terrell

That's so cool that you happened to meet a Tribal Journeys boat.

Heather Brown

Janelle, do you have accommodations already in San Francisco? We would love to have you stay at one of Kimpton's 9 fabulous boutique hotels is San Francisco. Pop me an email and we can chat further about your trip. Thanks!


Hi Janelle, we're excited to hear about your upcoming trip to San Francisco. We're a public relations firm here in the city that represents a variety of top restaurants. We'd like to invite you come check a few of them out while you're here. Please have a look at our client page and let me know if you're interested. Thanks!

Victor Real Estate

Seattle is a great city, but with a horrible football team. I'm going there in a month to see a concert and I can't wait.

Nancy Brown What a Trip

I know that I'm a day late and a dollar short but I have to add a couple of suggestions for the next time you are in "The City." (Welcome back, by the way.)

I submitted a couple of ideas for walking tours in Chinatown and North Beach to Conde Nast Traveler's "Layover Contest" that ended July 31.

Here's the link to my post and again, my apologies for missing the boat on this post,http://blogs.bootsnall.com/What-a-Trip/say-yes-to-airport-layover-in-san-francisco.html. I hope you had a nice visit.

Arthur's Colorado Ski Lodging

I'm traveling to Seattle next week to see Radiohead. So if anyone has anymore great ideas for things to do up there, it would be much appreciated.

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