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July 08, 2008



I am amazed at the mileage people can get by just changing their driving habits ever so slightly. I do agree that it can be extremely dangerous (and possibly just uncomfortable-- such as wearing an "ice vest" instead of turning on the AC).
We recently wrote a post with 450+ tips about hypermiling (and picked our favorite and most reasonable). http://gogreentravelgreen.com/green-transportation/the-extreme-hypermiling-guide-450-tips-to-increase-your-miles-per-gallon-and-save-gas/

Tee Poole

We're on a long road trip for a move now and we decided this time we'd try the traveling-at-60 model (vs. 65-70, the speed limit) to see how we fared.

Happy to say that we've definitely noticed a difference, though motorists behind us weren't convinced it was worth it.


Yes, I would have to agree with Tee Poole that everyone behind me isn't always happy. But even before I started hypermiling as a total approach to driving, I wondered why it was important to zip up to stop at the red light. Maybe it was a bit of peer pressure, but I would slow down slightly and ease ahead, but not lag too far behind. Now I take my foot off the accelerator as soon as the light turns red. Let them zip around me and waste their gas if they choose. I hope more people start to get it and think about the safety concerns caused by being in such a rush.

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