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July 09, 2008


Spanish School Mexico

I was traveling through China about 2 years ago, and I can vividly remember all the construction going on in preparation for the Olympics in Beijing even then. One thing that I was told about that really struck a chord at that time was that how many of the traditional Chinese communities in Beijing (specifically the houtongs) were being destroyed to make space for the newer and "better" buildings. It just makes you wonder, what happens after the Olympics? They will have great new buildings, but many more people with no place to call home...

Adam Winogrodzki

Hello! I love Madrid, its a great place to go, and now there is lots of stuff to do there as a family. There are restaurants, parks, shops, cinemas and lots of other cool things. Bye. Adam

I think some of your yuan(Y) to dollars($) conversions are wrong. 550yuan at 6.84Y=$1 (xe.com) is $80.36. And if you're paying nearly $100 for fake Gucci shoes, you're paying too much. I think you must mean $10 for fake Gucci shoes and $15 for fake ipods.

Also, it'd be my recommendation to carry notes smaller than 100yuan. It can be hard to break 100yuan notes and you need to watch our for fake 50yuan notes when receiving change. Also, bargaining is easier if you have small change. ;)

Enjoy your trip and treasure the blue sky!

Horse N. Buggy

I agree that it is easier to bargain with smaller bills. I was at the Pearl Market a little over a year ago. I didn't really need to buy anything, but I had so much fun bargaining with the sellers! However, our best encounter was in one booth along a back wall. It was very quiet and the girl who ran it was very calm and meek. She didn't begin with outrageous prices, so we didn't have to bargain too hard with her. We ended up paying her a little more than we should have, but we enjoyed the process because she was so sweet and didn't get in our faces. Her booth was like an island of shelter in a hurricane.

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