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July 02, 2008



The problem with businesses being charged a carbon tax is that the cost ends up coming out of consumers' pockets -- not the company shareholders or executives. Let's not pretend it's going to be a penalty for the company.

That being said, if people are using "dirty" services, then they should have to pay more. More for their gas-guzzling vehicles, more for their luxury homes, and more for their private jets.


I'm complete agree. We should fight this situation.


I say tax them like the government tax cigarettes. If we're able to determine that cigarettes are bad for our personal health, when are people going to realize that carbon emission is bad for the planet? It took awhile to put the Surgeon General's warning on the packaging...let's see how long it takes to do something about the pollution.

ML Harris

Branson is right. Carbon tax on flights. Yes, Eliza, the airlines will push the cost down to consumers. But that's the point of a tax. To connect the people upstream to the damage downstream. If it produces less flying, well, that's less damage to the environment. That's how a well designed tax should work.

This assumes that you can put a price on offsets and that offsets work to infinity, rather than being only so effective for so long. I'm an economist, not a climatologist, so I don't know if that's a good assumption or not.


Why don't we all just stay home with the lights off and never go anywhere or make anything again? It would be SO GOOD for the environment! And we could just give all the money we aren't spending to the government, because they know best how to spend it...

This is the sort of proposal you make when you know you're rich enough to pay for airline tickets and cars and gas and computers and appliances and the energy to run them no matter how high taxes go.

Hotels in Amsterdam

Perhaps a better way would be an environmental tax on people in the higher income bracket. This way the poor will still be able to use planes.

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