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July 29, 2008


Wayfaring Wanderer

Very interesting tidbit, I am currently planning a trip to the Outer Banks......

OBX Observer

Thanks for the story. In point of fact, Cape Hatteras National Seashore has been letting ORVs run rampant all over the seashore for 35 years in violation of numerous federal laws.

At its maximum point this summer, out of 64 miles of beach less than 12 miles of the seashore were closed to ORVs for species protection. 50 miles of beach were open and accessible to pedestrians. Some 26 miles were open to ORVs (other areas are closed to cars every year in front of the villages for sunbathers).

In fact, Cape Point is now open. It was only closed to vehicle traffic to protect nests and chicks. Now that they've fledged, the closures have been lifted. Check the NPS website for up-to-date closure information. These areas will probably remain open until late spring when the plovers set up their nests again. Doesn't sound like too unreasonable, does it?

And what's more the county's official tourism numbers don't support all the woe is me. If fishermen aren't coming, it's likely due to gas prices or because some of their advocates like to tell tales about how everything is closed. It ain't true. Never was.

One more thing -- since the settlement went into effect, breeding pair of piping plovers increased from 6 pair to 11. The number of nesting sea turtles has nearly doubled at Hatteras. Can't we give them a break for a few short weeks?

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Marilyn Terrell

Thanks for providing the update, OBX Observer!


Thanks for another take on the situation. OBXObserver makes a very compelling argument.

Bob Myers

Pedestrians are banned from walking some of the best parts of the beach, even below the tide line.

I understand needing to limit ORV traffic. But I see a dishonest agenda when audubon loving pedestrians can't jog main routes of the beach.

If Hatteras Island had been left alone there would not be the dunes that keep the waves from washing over the entire island. Some of these birds are now coming here because of the stabilization that human activity has brought.

Pea Island is off limits to humans. That should be sufficient for a total ban of human activity.

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