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July 17, 2008



As green as Las Vegas might like to think of itself, the reality is that it lies in the middle of a water-scarce desert. The Southern Nevada Water Authority, responsible for making sure those fountains are filled and golf courses watered, are reaching farther and farther into outlying regions as water tables drop: Cave, Dry Lake, and Delamar Valleys. The big water fight this year is over the Snake Valley water, much of which actually comes from Utah. Las Vegas thrives at the cost of environmental damage -- think dust bowl -- in rural areas that have little political pull.

Joel P.

It's true that water use is a huge concern for the area, which is what makes things like the low-flow water fixtures particularly encouraging. Not the greates impact in terms of the big picture, maybe, but it's a step, (and an improvement over the the Belaggio's fountain, no matter how much you love the pink panther). I'd think that the area must be a particularly strong place for potential solar power sites, which could be a help, as my understanding is that much of the surrounding area works off hydro power.

Quite a change from when I saw Vegas six years ago. I remember walking through the Mirage lobby and seeing somebody watering a palm tree with a squirt bottle. I looked closer and realized that the staffer wasn't watering it-- he was spraying it with cleanser and wiping it down. One heck of a city...

Joe from TerraCurve.com

Vegas is a strange, surreal place. While I admit that there probably isn't a more "hypocritically-green" travel destination in the entire U.S., I do think it is a POSITIVE gesture to bring such eco-friendly travel ideas to the forefront of travel destinations.


Mesquite Nevada Hotel

Well that's good news. Hopefully every major entertainment center starts going green. It would help people realize and maybe even notice a difference.

Old Man River

I wonder if there's a green report available for all major cities. It'd be interesting to see which cities are the greenest.

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