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July 28, 2008



I might, if they included a free kids club...


I might, if they included a free kids club...

Wayfaring Wanderer

I don't think so.......

How about charting your own adventure close to home......tons of people don't know about all the fun and exciting things to do in their own backyards.

Celia Paschoal

This summer I've decided to rediscover DC with my five yrs son Gabriel. We ventured on DC Ducks tour and we learned a lot about DC. Then we visited lots of museums and different small gardens and places in DC (we visited a small version of the Spanish steps) between Florida Ave and Phelps Street by the Russian Cultural Center. We visited lots of Embassies and learned so much about other countries and how charming Washington, DC is. All that for less than $50 dollars. Staycation is one way of rediscovering your town and finding out forgotten things that you pass by everyday and don’t notice anymore. I am all for it if you are in a low budget and get afford a trip to another country or town.

Mazda Bob

What if the refrig was stocked with free beer?


@Mazda Bob: That would help, but the free beer fridge you're referring to was, admittedly, made much exciting by the crashing waves of the Pacific just a few steps away:



If the $50 weekend included maid service, I'd hire him in a heartbeat. And yes, tiny shampoo bottles do give me a thrill. In fact, I always take them with me from hotel rooms and when I'm feeling in the need for something new at home, I whip them out in the middle of the week and wash my hair with a new shampoo. Seems crazy, but the change in shampoo smell perks me up. Clearly I'm easy to please...

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