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July 25, 2008



I love San Fransisco. Never lived there; just lots of visits. Enjoy your visit!

Marilyn Terrell

Gosh, it sure is windy! I always wondered what the bridge looked like from Fort Point. Thanks for the video tour.
Check out the Golden Hydrant, if you get a chance. It's on 20th and Dolores and a San Franciscan told me about this recently:

Sheryl Cohen

Thanks Janelle for the nice comment about the Green Zebra guides. I am one of the publishers and would be remiss if wou didn't have a copy of your own while you are in San Francisco. I am sure you can make use of the guide for the few days you are here. We also have separate editions for Marin County and the Peninsula if you are heading in those directions. Green Zebra will be out at two great events this weekend which I am sure you would enjoy. The first is the Festival of Sail where you can see the tall ships (Booth 312, Pier 32) and the second is the North Beach Jazz festival. Stop by at either and and tell them I sent you and someone will be sure to help you out. Please feel free to email us at [email protected] if you are searching for more sustainable ways to enjoy the Bay Area. We are blessed with many here.


Maybe check out Hotel Carlton, a Joie de Vivre hotel inspired by Traveler magazine:


I recommend your next stop be a little further east in the 'Wild West' of the Dakotas and Wyoming. The scenery is spectacular and our National Parks are this country's secret treasure!

Travel Guide

I love traveling to places where the nature is in its original state, unexploited. There is nothing else which could make me more happy than traveling. San Francisco is a nice place to travel to

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