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June 26, 2008



"if you wander the Mall you'll find rusty toilet fixtures"

Actually, I think Bush normally stays in the White House. But that's cool that you've found him out and about.




While the rangers likely do a very good job, I'm a oui bit confused. 54 rangers to cover the National Mall, which is 2+ miles long. A few will always be unavailable for various reasons, different shifts, etc... but do we have information on how many the NPS would like to have on staff?

Capitol police have one end fairly well covered and the museums have their own staff.

Please let me know if I am forgetting key issues. (Serious. Not sarcastic.)

Are they there to guide tourists? For safety? Monitor the trees, water and wildlife? Does "rangers" include maintenance individuals? Do they "man" most of the monuments? If so, can we also count gift shop staff at the monuments as part of the "support staff"?

That noted... tis a shame there is a budget problem. The "venue" hosts many activities including kite flying, Screen on the Green, and simple picnics which benefit DC residents and tourists alike.

I visit often and have yet to find a problem other than water access 24/7. Considering the climate, water access is needed but few dusty lawns are to be expected, especially after tent use and high traffic weekends are also factored in to the mix.

Many amenities can be found downtown or in the museums. Are there some in particular the IT staff had in mind? As for crowding... that is a factor of the timing and popularity of events. Something that in many ways, I think, is a good sign for DC. Tourist dollar and all.

The photo is of the Capitol Visitor's Center construction site, no? Does the NPS handle that project or is that a different issue in a way, though on the Mall?

Thanks for noting the issue as this valuable resource needs to be handled carefully, especially while this city is still developing as a prosperous Nation's Capital and tourist destination.

Kudzu Fire

yuck. well congress may have to stop buying votes and being bought by foreign oil interests for a minute to fix this.


I generally enjoy the mall (when it's not sweltering hot). Screen on the Green in the summer is always fun and it seems that there's always some sort of event happening.
However, there is too much construction. Which is ironic since it's in total disrepair.

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