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June 02, 2008



This is great! I can't wait to hear more.

It's amazing what a simple thing, like making the decision can open up in your life.


The ultimate dream. Will be looking forward to their dispatches.

Wishing the Jenss family safe travels.


I look forward to following the Jenss family on their journey and even think that our paths will somehow cross...maybe more than once...


That's great! Keep us posted on your travels! This is going to be fun!


Dear Carol, Rainer, Tyler and Stefan,
We'll miss you guys but wish you safe travels. Stay in touch as much as you can, and i hope to meet up with you in South America.

Amy @ The Q Family

I can't wait to hear more from them. It's also nice to know that this process doesn't come easy. 4 years in a making! I would love to hear what they did to prepare in the past 4 years as well. I love to travel and put it on the back burner once we have children. But I see more and more families travel around the world with their children. It's a great inspiration for me. Now I just have to convince my husband. :)


Hi all,
We're just as excited as the rest of you to see how their trip turns out. Amy - Rainer will be blogging a bit before they set off about how the plans came together, so you can get some ideas from there. Hopefully your husband will be open the idea!



I hope you have a safe trip - I was wondering if you can take my kids for a few weeks?

Have a great time! We'll be checking your blog!

The Collins


We'll see you on the road. My wife, two kids and I are heading out on a round the world journey ourselves, leaving July 24.

Interestingly, I've been in contact with dozens of other families who have done - or are doing - the same.

More and more families seem to be open to this kind of adventure.

Best of luck to you on your travels; perhaps our paths will cross.


Dan Riley

Family Jenss-
We are incredibly thrilled that you are following thru on this incredibly journey. The boys will no doubt will have memories lasting a lifetime.

Having spent 10 days with "Mr.YENZZ" in Egypt & Jordan, I can attest that no stone will remain unturned and no opportunity to gain access and insight will be missed!

Just no 5:30am trips on horseback to listen to the Dead's Blues for Allah while the sun rises over the great Pyramids! that should only be done once.


Warren green

Now you know where your career path has taken you.........
It will be interesting to see where this passage around the world leads you next.

Safe travels: Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints.......

Katherine Ohlhausen

Two thumbs up on your world adventure. Our family of 4,(Katherine, Eric, Marshall 12 and Wallis 10, just returned from an 11 month, 35 countries trip around the world on June 8th. Hard to believe we are back, the year literally flew by! This is the best thing you can do with your family, so embrace every moment, and remember, never lose your sense of humor! Live and love life with your family, thats what it is all about. Enjoy!!

Carol Jenss

My husband and I were thrilled to read the post about the Ohlhausen Family having just returned from their own RTW adventure. Our countdown is in the single digits now and we can't wait to begin this wonderful journey with our children and were very happy to learn about what a positive experience others have had doing something similar. We have no doubt that this will be an absolutely incredible experience for us and we look forward to sharing it with all of you via this blog.

Thanks to everyone who has posted comments wishing us well in our travels! -- Carol Jenss

Wisner Family

Hello Jenss family,

Have a very safe, fun-filled trip! We can't believe this day is already here. Seems like just yesterday that it all started. Hayden asks where you are almost everyday. We are so excited for you and feel like we're tagging along by reading your blog entries.
Hope to see you in Europe next year! Be safe. Keep in touch!

Tanja & Rob Wisner & family


Wow, this is so exciting. I hope to someday do this too. Remember to take advantage of libraries and their free resources while you are on your on global adventure.

Best Wishes,
Erin, Librarian


Trip sounds very festive. I'm going to try and get to Sydney for the fireworks. Cannot wait to see you both in San Francisco next month.

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