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June 11, 2008


Jonathan Hall

I like to ease back in by sorting out the photos that I took while away. It used to be a matter of dropping off the rolls at the local lab, but now I can spend hours going through each individual photo in Photoshop. This stretches the homecoming out for days.


Dealing with it right now - and it is hard. I think I handle it the same way the first commenter said. I spend hours looking at my photos and sharing them with friends and family.


Hm, the eternal re-entry question. I don't think there's an easy way back in. A step at a time, I guess. I bring back foods of foreign countries and make those last. Cookies, chocolate, nougat. I look forward to giving out gifts to family and friends and explaining the story behind them. I upload my photos.
I try not to dive into my full-scale busy, crazy life, at least for a little while. I only open the fun mail for a few days, not the bills. Luckily, I also have a blog where I can write down bits and pieces and let my mind wander down exotic streets I recently walked. Then, when memories fade, I start to daydream about where I'm going next and start the anticipation cycle all over again...


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