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June 20, 2008



Having been born (but not raised) in Kentucky, it's nice to see the place get some love. But I think you're being irresponsible in recommending Elizabethtown. The film is just truly awful, to the point of being hazardous to movie-goers' health. I mean, even the performance from My Morning Jacket couldn't redeem it! So let this be a warning, IT readers: Don't watch Elizabethtown!

John Ur

Noah - I can't say I agree that the movie was awful. It is a road trip movie. It did make me want to jump in a car and drive west - and any movie that sparks emotion has succeeded at some level. But you are correct, it was not Crowe's best writing or filmmaking. I was left with few options for reviews, and thus my almost weekly quandary. Do I recommend a movie, even though I don't like it very much? Remember this is a guide to landscapes and locations shot in movies - not necessarily the best movies ever made - so with that in mind, Elizabethtown made the cut.


I live in Prestonsburg, Kentucky. I can promise you it isn't all square dancing, trailers, and lack of sewage systems. And I've never seen a "watering hole". You just played into the typical stereotype that is associated with this area. I assure you we do have quite a few trailers and square dancers but don't make generalizations on the entirety of Eastern Kentucky based on the minority. As for volunteering to build homes. Good for you. Hope you got a pat on your back for that one. If you only come here to volunteer stay away. People from these mountains are proud. They don't want your pity hand. Electricity is everywhere. Maybe if you came here 60 years ago there wasn't any in some homes up these "hollers" but not now. Everyone places a stigma on this area. Often times writing us of and labeling us as illiterate, white trash, incestuous, electricity lacking, rednecks...etc etc. If you decide to visit then visit but leave your condescending stereotypes where you came from.

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