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June 30, 2008


Carol Ossell

This website is so refreshing; you are giving
us such a beautiful place to visit! We all
need a list of wonderful, happy, "real" places to go and enjoy! Thank you for all
your efforts, time & energy; it is so welcoming.
I would like to share a Fall Destination, my
husband and I have been "caretakers" (owners)
of a beautiful apple orchard, 3 miles SW of
Buffalo, MN. I say caretakers because this
is a Wright County Tradition, started 37 yrs.
ago; it's a property that we tend, because it feels like everyone who comes back feels
as if a small piece belongs to their family
Fall tradition! We are a GREEN SPACE, in
the Fall, many more colors, but we would love to share this with your readers. We
have a Maple Woods that is dressed with
characters and is a beautiful golden tunnel
for at least two weeks.........
We would love to share this with your readers, walking out to pick apples, a day
listing to good music and eating healthy

Carol Ossell

Please add our name:
Deerlake Orchard

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