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June 05, 2008


Amy @ The Q Family

Nice. I have never looked into Club Med before. But you have opened up a new alternative to our family vacation.

charlie seymour

Everything here was correct. I was just there with extended family (14 of us) and everyone was blown away by the G.O.'s service and friendliness, accomodations, location, ammenities, food and drink. We stayed in the new family suites which I highly recommend. They are a little farther from the village than other rooms but they do include concierge service, free laundry, a separate beach area away from main beach, and they are located right on the beach. My 78 year old mother had no problem walking back and forth from suite to village even in the heat and humidity. We are already planning our next trip to Club Med Ixtapa.

Barbara Ranelletti

Hello Everyone
We are considering Club Med Ixtapa for next year. We are concerned about security at Club Med. Is it fenced? Are outsiders allowed in? Is guest registration checked? Are children's activities secure? We have read horror stories of kidnapping in Mexico. Some Taxis are not real. We also read that raw sewage was dumped into the bay and there was a fresh water shortage.
Your response would be appreciated. Thanks for your responses.
Barbara Ranelletti


We got back from Ixtapa yesterday and had a great time. We went to check whether to bring our young (all less than 6 years old) grandchildren there in a year or two. Based on our week we have zero concerns about bringing the children. The kids clubs are run by GOs who have training and watch the kids very closely. The adult-kid ratio is very good. When they took the kids out on the beach, the took a fence with them and kept them inside. They track alergy concerns for each child. We spoke with the person who runs all the kids clubs and was very impressed. As to your other concerns, they have their own sewage treatment plant on property and have lots and lots of clean water. Its like the water at any 5 star resort. There are fences around but the beach is public and is shared with several resorts. They felt very safe with the biggest danger being people trying to sell you things (just on the public beach, not the resort). Club med has guards patrolling the facility 24 hours a day plus a staff of 85 GOs that keep a watch over everything (and make sure everyone has a good time too). All guests have a wrist badge. I have been to 5 club meds and the biggest risk I have ever felt was sunburn. I can recommend Ixtapa (or Cancun) without any reservations. We will br bringing the grandkids in a year to rwo.

Jackie Mansfield

We are trying to find the right Club Med for our family of 14, two of which will be under 3. Does Club Ixtapa have facilities for that age? I could not tell from the marketing materials.


We just got back after two weeks of great weather. As to some of the questions above, there are facilities, services and food for young babies. Only guests are permitted on the actual site, with a gated entry from the road, gates around the property and guards on the beach. Not many non-resort people are on the beach, excepting the vendors. These vendors are not permitted into the resort area. Wrist bands identify guests, the resort calls proper taxies for you and negotiates the rate upon request, any questions about anything will be dealt with in a professional manner.

Everything was wonderful! I am a paranoid parent and did feel that this was a really safe place for kids. The GO's even make sure to try to get vegetables into your kids' diets while they have them in their care. You can put your child into the club for the day or an occasional hour here or there (which is what we did). They take care over special needs like allergies and sunscreen.

Hands down this was the best holiday I have ever had. Entertainment, great food, activities, rest, the ocean, fun "critters" to be seen, local flavour and wonderful hosts. Our party ranged in age from 6 years old to 75 years old and everyone loved it.

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