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June 19, 2008



If green information on a chain-by-chain basis was easily available, it would make a huge difference in my reservation. To that end, the best I've found is: http://www.ethicalconsumer.org/FreeBuyersGuides/traveltransport/hotels.aspx which is why I try to stick with Marriot Rennessaince for my domestic travel (combining rewards and eco-friendliness). However, I still have to complain every trip about the USA Today left in front of my room (I read news online / radio, please save the paper), and even though I make my bed and leave the towels hanging, they are often still washed for me (Holiday, Marriott, and Sheraton all guilty this year). The industry has a long ways to go, but even these small steps would be nice.


I agree with the previous commenter. It would be great to have the information for several hotel chains available to compare. I would definitely seek out hotels/inns/B&Bs that I knew were "lighter" or more green. I do that with restaurants, so why not hotels too? :)


I think being "green" definitely matters. I agree with Robert that it's about the little things like newspapers, towels, recycling, etc. Please don't build a brand new LEED building just to be green when instead you could be focusing your energy (and money) on sinks that don't drip, low flow toilets, CF light bulbs, etc etc. Personally, I think the Kimpton chain does a good job.


This argument seems badly formed. The customer doesn't care if the hotel is green, they only want a clean, affordable room. It's seems like Detroit auto thinking - we want SUVs, we don't care if they're efficient. Can't we want both? Can't we want a hotel that brings the goods AND is green?

And since when have marketers been hamstrung by what customers want? Marketing geniuses should be able to sell me on the idea that I want a green hotel. Again, Detroit told me for years that I wanted an SUV, and along with that wildly successful plan, they gave me very little else as an option.

The whining seems disingenuous. Everyone and their brother is selling us green these days. Marketers telling us we don't want it so they're not going to bother is just an excuse to avoid the expense of going green. Or maybe they're just too lazy to compete in a green driven market and are trying to protect themselves.

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