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June 05, 2008



"biking along the Charles River to wandering through Beacon Hill"

Amen to that. Nothing beats a bike ride along the Charles in the summer.

And thanks for the slide show; that's interesting. I've been hearing more and more talk of ways restaurants can turn their food scraps into something useful (or at least something a little less wasteful).

Nomadic Matt

Yay! My hometown is definitly greentown. Menino has been instituting a number of green projects and schools all over the city have had their own initiatives, especially MIT.

We're a green city and during the summer, there is nothing better than being outdoors along the charles!

Boston still ranks as one of my favorite cities in the world....especially Summer Boston...


so proud!

Robert Todd Felton

In addition to all this, Boston is an extremely walkable city. Plenty of great paths to stroll or streets to cruise. With the new greenway downtown and the harborwalk, Boston is one of the best cities in the world to put on the shoes and go.


Go Boston! As far as other destinations for green travlers, one of my favorite haunts in Boston is the lovely courtyard garden at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. It is lush year-round!



I too love the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Emily, it's so pristine and quiet and an oft overlooked spot. And I'll be sure to check out the greenway next time I'm in town Robert.


The Harvard Museum of Natural History in Cambridge, Boston's "Left Bank" is easily reached by a beautiful bike ride along the Charles River, and then cutting across historic Harvard Yard. The museum has bike racks right in front. Don't miss their ever blooming collection of 3,000 'Glass Flowers'. You won't believe they're not real. Or take the T to Harvard Square.

Marilyn Terrell

And don't forget, if your name happens to be Isabella, you can get into the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum for free, for life:

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