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June 09, 2008


Mark Schoneveld

Amen to that! That place looks fantastic. I love Zihuatanejo, and this just gives me one more reason!


Hmm, so what was your favorite part of the trip, Katie? It's just not clear from your post...

For me it was when the owner showed up and made me eat a weed he picked from the ground. Which was, admittedly, pretty tasty.


I hope I did more than just raise a daughter interested only in the world of beer when there is such agreat big world out there. Rum is nice! Find a place where there is unlimited rum---now we're talking.

Joel Smith - Retired Boomer in Mexico

Hola Amigos!

We love village of Troncones. Three years ago, we spent 10 days on the beach in Troncones in December.

Seven and a half years ago, my wife and I decided to shutter our business in Silicon Valley and check out of the rat race for a while and travel Mexico. We were your classic workaholic professional couple and had not had a 10 day vacation in more than 18 years!

During our three month trip, we wound up buying a fabulous modern Mexican villa on the shores of Lake Chapala where there is a decent sized English speaking expat population. We came home with the plan to sell our Los Gatos abode and get out of Dodge. Well, we did sell but like you, the market had softened and we got less than we would have if we had done so be for the trip.

But we are sooo glad we did what we did and have not looked back.

Happily Retired in Ajijic, Mexico,


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