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May 05, 2008


Cathy Healy


Whoops and cheers broke the boredom of lines at Lauriol Plaza, 18th St., last night. In fact, the ever-present line-to-the-street created its own party. I'm too impatient for Lauriol and opted for La Frontera on 17th, where the line was shorter, the Corona banners welcoming, and celebrants crowding outdoor restaurants for several blocks made the evening festive.

It is great to be back in DC, even though East Coast souls can sometimes try one’s tolerance. The New Jersey native who went with me to La Frontera said as we left: “I like Tex-Mex food every so often.”

Nope. Not Tex-Mex. Not California Mex either. Salvadoran Mex. (Lauriol is Cuban-Mex.)

Surprisingly, there didn’t seem to be any food at the Cinco festivities on the Mall on Sunday, May 4, at least my friends and I didn’t spot anyone eating.

Even odder, the festival was a siesta. Bands played in two tents that muffled the sounds, and families strolled with children, who were not shouting. You could practically hear the kites flapping in the breeze.

But, it was a perfect day for walking, so we walked back to DuPont Circle.


I have such fond memories of the Cinco De Mayo San Jose festival - it was my first 'big city' festival that I ever attended while I was going to San Jose State University for college. It's truly a very fun time. And yes, frequently held on a bizarre day.

Violeta Tsoneva

I was excited to read Cathy's entry about Cinco De Mayo in Washington, D.C. this year. It made me reminisce about my May 5 Day in Arizona back in 2005. You may read about it and look at the pictures at one of my blogs - http://vionet3.blogspot.com/. I hope you find it interesting.


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