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April 03, 2008



Unbelievable. I feel so bad for Amelia. That many thefts in one week is just too much for anyone to bear. I hope she recouped the costs of some of her items in the end.

I have my own theft story to tell, but it didn't involve sobbing. The thief ended up with a swift kick in the butt and I got my suitcase back. It happened in the Florence train station, Italy. The policemen congratulated me.


Some of you may know me as "Whisper Cloud", others as "The Darkwalker", and the rumors are true, I move on wind. Which is why you never here me stealing your stuff. I go by one other name "Duh". Some people call me Duh because when people tell stories about their stuff getting taken from an open locker, the stories recipient says "Duh!". And they're right. It was me.

Darren Cronian

I'm heading to NYC in September so I'll make sure my money is well secure! As someone who has never visited the US before are they any areas in NYC I should avoid at all costs?

Kango Suz

Wow. I can't believe they stole your DESK! And then your beer! That totally sucks. You have much more levity about it than I do, I would have been crying my eyes out by then. The whole desk thing reminds me of a bad Sinefield episode when Elaine had the chest/cabinet thing stolen off the sidewalk...

Thanks for the great piece of travel writing!


Wow, Amelia - that is some bad luck! If it's any consolation, the West Coast is just as guilty of thievery. I once peeked my head out of the conference room at work to find someone snatching my purse right off my desk and sneaking out the office door. Needless to say, passerbys got a kick out of me running after the thief down one steep-ass San Francisco street in my platform shoes... but I did retrieve the bag!

Just out of curiosity - where can I sign up to receive home-crafted, Illinois Easter baskets?!

Coca Cola Kid

Bad week, great story! Dont be so sure that the Juicy Pears and Sizzling Cinnamon ever made it out of CL :)


I just wanted to thank everyone for the outpouring of support in the face of "the great Easter basket debacle of '08." I've got some good news! Just yesterday I received a replacement Easter basket and so last night I enjoyed a delicious dinner of cheese popcorn, gummy frogs, and of course, jelly beans.

Steve Petrone

Nice upbeat twist of fustration in an otherwise sad luck story. Keep your head up New York what comes around goes around. I hope their roof leaks and ruins the desk, the candy made them sick, and your i-pod errored into a high pitched noise,likened to the scream of Jim Carrie in Dumb and Dumber, leaving the soon to be convict stunned and discusted at his damaged bootie.

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