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April 09, 2008


Ceyda Torun

Makes me want to take a trip out to North Carolina just to stay at this hotel! What a brilliant idea, if only all hotels would be so conscientious. Thank you Ali and Chris for informing us - looking forward to your next review!

Jeff Hardin

Ali -

Nicely done! Congratulations to Quantaince-Weaver for a job well done!

I look forward to future segments!

Greensboro, NC

Kango Suz

Not only a brilliant idea as far as the impact on the world that the hotel is creating, but also a BRILLIANT marketing idea that seems to be perfectly timed with the current obsession with green travel. Thanks for the video!

Reneena Davidson

That's what we need right now - hotels that make the world to make us feel that there is a better place to live in, not just for a vacation trip.

Kudzu Fire

green travel. love it.

Aaron Dalton

I just reviewed the Proximity Hotel and three other eco-travel destinations on my site, 1GreenProduct.com.

Here's the link - http://1greenproduct.com/2008/07/travel-conrad-chicago-ireland-greenbox.html

Hope you and your readers find it interesting!

- Aaron Dalton, 1GreenProduct.com

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