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April 24, 2008


Raffi Kojian

Thanks for a great post about Armenia. This newly reborn, ancient country has so much to offer, and so few people know about it. These firsthand tips and photos that Kara's shared are a perfect introduction to the country, and hopefully a lot of readers will find out more for themselves... firsthand!

Bari janapar (bon voyage),

Marilyn Terrell

Thanks Raffi! Your Armeniapedia wiki is very helpful. I especially like the Travel and Tourism section:

Hayk A

Great Post. Long Live Armenia!


I was so excited to find this excellent recommendation of Armenia. I am trying to plan a trip for in a couple of years and I want to visit places like this. Its all well and good seeing the places that are really pushed on you by travel agents etc, but I want to see the little places that haven't been heard much of, where the culture is very authentic and the people genuine! I want to have a once-in-a-lifetime trip that I will never forget! And to me, the little "country" type places is me, not the cities.
If anyone has any other ideas ore recommendations, it would be great if you could contact me sometime.


hi may name is mohamad,i live in iran,i kike armania and i think thats people is arean
i like to migration to armania


A nice introductory text and nice photos.

I'm from neighboring Azerbaijan, which is in the cease-fire condition with Armenia. Unfortunately 20 % of territories of Azerbaijan has been invaded by Armenia since 1988-1994.

I really feel a deep sorrow from the fact of enminity between our countries and believe that friendship and peace is the most holy thing we should have, but unfortunately, it's broken long ago and people around the world are disinformed.

I'm not going to diminish Armenia and Armenians. Just for those who are and will be in Armania, I would be so thankful if you could look around attentively as you will find many evidences of massacred Turkish and Azerbaijanis in all over Armenia, destroyed mosques which belong to the middle ages, Azerbaijani-Turkish style buildings, museums, libraries, cemeteries (probably half destroyed)and houses which used to belong to hundred thousand of Azerbaijanis living there since the beginning of the history.

You can also have a visit to Azerbaijan - The Land of Fire, the leading country in the region and witness both modern European, and ancient Asian-Islamic-Turkic culture in Azerbaijan.

Those who have been to Armenia and listened to long stories about Armenian genocide and Turkish violence are invited to Azerbaijan (Turkey as well)to get to know with our country and people and with cemeteries which are outcomes of the Armenian-Russian genocide perpetrated agianst Azerbaijanis and Turkish since XVIII century. You will also witness whether we are violent murderers or ordinary kind and warn, hospitable and trustworthy nation.

Thanks for your time,

Best luck!

chandramal Divaratne

aha!!!ARMENIA...without no dought i can say the this is the worlds most beautiful country..specially YEREWAN!!!i was there for some time...and i loved the place..n i still regret the fact that i had to leave the place...every one should go to this country n feel the beauty there...whatever you want it is there...not to mention the people..they are very friendly n helpfulll...love that country...n one day i'l definetly go there..may be for settling down!!!!


Hej , I am from Sweden and I was in Armenia this summer and its was one of best trips I hade. I strongly recommend to all to visit Armenia. I specialy like the slogan #Nohas root you root. its great Tanks bye bye

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