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April 15, 2008



So what's the deal with "Rock Chalk Jayhawk"? Do you guys just think it sounds cool, or does it have some hidden meeting?

Also, keep the coverage of the Midwest coming IT. The people love it.


Au Marche has a wonderful cheese of the month club-the delectable goodness can be yours each and every month paired with specially selected goodness like delectable crackers and special mustards! Go Jayhawks!


Well, the hill that the KU campus was built on is made of limestone sooo the rock is made of chalk. the jayhawk is a mythical bird named after the jayhawkers, abolitionist during the civil war.

Also, it does sound pretty darn cool.

GREAT article. I'm CRAVING Rudy's so much right now. you could do 10 more articles and not hit all the great places downtown. I would have personally added La Parilla too. YUM!


Although some folks seem to swear by Rudy's Pizza, I find their slices quite bland and way too small (think grade-school cafeteria size) Papa Keno's on 11th and Mass does a better job in serving up large (normal) sized slices. Take my advice with a grain of salt though, as I grew up in New York and accept that I'm a pizza and hot dog snob.

Also, don't forget to mention The Replay on 10th and Mass St. Esquire Magazine voted it as the "best bar in Kansas!" my head still spins from that one.

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