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April 29, 2008



Hello Keith/Rudy –

First off I would like to say that I absolutely LOVE the show! I do not have public television myself at this time – but I know this show very well and absolutely love to watch it every chance I get!

I myself grew up in Russia, that segment in this interview when you are taking the boat on the canals in St. Petersburg – most of the streets and buildings shown in these segments – I know them by heart! Rudy – a hilarious moment in the airplane which you talk about in the video! I have taken many flights back home after we immigrated here, and have seen almost identical situations as you described! Haha! A couple of times I have decided to go on a slightly cheaper Aeroflot flight (Russian airline). This flight I’ll remember for a while – 90 degree turns, having a few shots with co-pilot. You are right – nothing bothers me about travel, it is all part of experience!

Keith did ask about bizarre foods, I am not sure if Rudy has tried cow’s tong when he was in Russia? We recently took a trip there with some friends, some people just cannot bring themselves to eat it!

Keith – I am a long time enthusiast of your blog! Every story highlights my day when I read about it! I would like to contribute, or simply tell you some of the travel stories I have myself while traveling around. Let me know how to best contact you!
All the best – thank you so much for the video post!


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