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April 09, 2008


Kango Suz

I've always planned to backpack when I go to Europe but I didn't know about the prolific nature of these campgrounds. Are they all as crowded as the one in the picture? Even then, I guess, it would be a great place to meet people.


Kango Suz, the campground in the picture isn't one of the European campgrounds discussed in the post. I happen to have, um, personal knowledge of this fact.

With that said, if these European campsites are frequented by people as attractive and glamorous as the gentleman featured in the above photo, I would definitely like to visit one.

backpacking philippines and asia

this is great information. been wanting to visit europe since time immemorial...


If you intend to go camping make an extensive list if item you will need at least 2 weeks before the trip. Then 2 days befroe the trip narrow it down to the absolute essentials.

Camping Tips and Gear

I grew up in Europe and although I didn't backpack, I camped in plenty of places.
My favorite locations were in the Ardennes forest in belgium/france but also in the southern parts of france. Both the riviera area but also a big ol' camping near the coast around Nice is nice (but different)


I know your post is rather old, but I just found it today. We are talking about backpacking and tips for traveling abroad while backpacking on the CheapOair blog today. We'd love your expert input and feedback!

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