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March 25, 2008



Sounds good, except I liked the way things worked in the 90s even better. Remember those times? You'd just walk through the terminal to the airplane and be done with it. That was beautiful and stress-free. This is like taking aspirin for a headache that's of our own doing.


Maybe an okay idea to try to get people to self-select, but I think it's a little to pigeonholed in the descriptions.

As a parent who travels with his toddler daughter 6-8 times per year, and who knows how to get through the security lines quickly, I'm concerned that I'd be shamed out of the speedier line and stuck with all the nincompoops (sorry, "casual travelers"/"families and special assistance") who don't realize that they can't carry their guitar/defibrillator/oxygen tank through the metal detector.

We prep everything before even getting in line, so when we get to the table/conveyor area, we throw everything on the belt, walk through, taking no longer than the so-called "expert" business traveler. But no doubt I'd get grumbles and cold stares from the "experts" if we dared approach the "expert" line.

I know there are some people who don't travel often with their little ones, or who just haven't figured out how to do so efficiently and courteously, but I am sick of all the berating and whining and moaning on travel sites about how kids in airports/airplanes are the absolute worst thing that could befall someone. Some of us have our act together and have well-behaved kids, believe it or not!

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