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February 08, 2008


Phil Forker

John: You really didnt see Oregon at her best. The coast on a bright blue day is the most beautiful place in the world. The good news is many people see the gray and keep moving. That is why we have so much unspoiled coast line!!
Saw your Drugstore Cowboy tout. Point of trivia. Our dog Cody had a bit part in the movie. He was not one of the two goldens you met when you were here but from the generation before.
DSC was one of Gus Van Zant's early works. They actually made a commercial which was about dog food and it was on a tv during one of the living room scenes in the movie. We had no idea what the movie was about or where our dog was in the film. You can imagine our shock to see our poor pooch in a raunchy movie about druggies steeling to maintain their habit!! And to think we took money for this!!

Erica Johansson

A bit funny you mentioned Stephen King, I just thought about him when I saw your picture.

Kate Kidd

Dear John, Thanks for featuring Oregon on the blog. As an Oregonian, I could visualize many foggy days on the Oregon Coast - the discoloration comment rang very true. Next time you are back in Oregon I recommend one of my favorite spots on the coast - Short Sands State Park. Another part of the state to see is the northeast corner with the Wallowas, the home area of Chief Joseph and some of the deepest canyons in the US. All great for the environmental theme. On the film front which you know is not my forte - Sometimes a Great Notion (Paul Newman 1971) is another Oregon film set on the Coast. Kate Kidd


You forgot to mention one of the most visual landmarks that people get very excited about, that The Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood was used for the outdoor shots of the lodge in The Shining. Oh, and a little less cool, much of Kindergarten Cop was also filmed in the Cannon Beach/Astoria area.


I was recently watching my "Goonies" Dvd & got kind of curious so I got on the computer & went to Google Earth & checked out Astoria & actually found the house that they filmed as Brand & Mikey's house. I also found the blue liquor store that they filmed in. They didnt use it in the movie but they did use it in the outakes from the movie. They did pass the blue liquor store at the begining of the movie when the cops were chasing the Fertelli's. The liquor store is on the corner of 37th St & Columbia River Hwy/Lief Erikson Dr. It's near the boat dock's that are shaped like A capital "T". The house is up the hill on a long driveway on the corner of Duane St. & 38th st. I wonder if the people that live in that house today ever have people that know about it's past, bothering them or wanting to take a tour of the house.


Could you tell me what is the nearest goonies house lodging in Astoria?
Greetings from Spain !

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