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January 09, 2008


patti Kelley

I plan on taking 4-5 months next winter to do a bike tour and am intriged by your travels. What would be your favorite part of your trip thus far? I've spent time in Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras and love them all.

Patti in Del Norte, Colorado. The Great Divide bike tour goes through our town.

Eladio Beitia

HI guys you are greatest and braves. the big dream need to do big sacrify and you are doing it. There are a lot of way ahead of you but I know you get it. when you arrive to Patagonia (tierra del fuego) I will celebrate with you here in Panama. I am the guy who talk with you in Bocas del Toro Efrain Computer Center Internet.
God blese you in your Journey.

Peter McGroddy

i got your name from John at the brewery. my daughter Kelly and two friends from CA are biking the continental divide trail and will be camping in Del Norte tonight. Her birthday is thurs. and Del NOrte may be the closest they will be to civilization before then. i am trying to arrange a little dinner for them somewhere and would appreciate a reccomendation. i can then call and give them a credit card for the tab. they have a web site bikingthedivide.com that has a link to their GPS location map. if you have any info please e-mail or call me at 845 304 5367. kelly's cell is 805 448 0524 if you want to reach them. thanks for anything you can do.

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