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January 01, 2008



THIS is awesome. And it's a great example of the airline itself taking on the responsibility of carbon neutrality - it's their initiative instead of just business as usual, leaving carbon offset issues to the passengers.

With that in mind, I wonder how competitive the airfares? And if passengers are willing to pay a little more to fly a carbon neutral airline. I know I am.


Harbour Air Ltd. - the world's largest all seaplane airline, based in Vancouver Canada - recently became the world's first airline to offset both 100% of its flight operations (as of October 2007) and 100% of its corporate operations (as of January 2008).

Like NaturAir, all of Harbour Air's offset funds are allocated to new projects along its flightpath, but unlike NaturAir Harbour Air is investing in next generation energy systems to prevent carbon emissions from taking place in the first place instead of temporary carbon storage systems like forests. This means that Harbour Air is investing in systems that will help us to get out of the climate problem in the first place, rather than the just paying to clean up the mess afterwards.

For more details about Harbour Air's climate program, see http://www.harbour-air.com.

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This is very, very cool. If only more airlines did this, sigh...


Great blog on a great company. I just wrote about the Nature Air experience on my blog too! I hope more companies in the region take notice. Check it out



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