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December 03, 2007



I looked at SnowFlex's website, and it seems that it requires a special irrigation system called Briton Mist (Briton is the company that makes SnowFlex). So that means they'll be spraying water periodically over those plastic sheets. In 90-degree weather, it's pretty safe to assume they'll need to spray them quite a bit throughout the day. Seems to me that's not a very energy- and resource-efficient way to run things, and I wonder about the sustainability of such a project, plus its impact on the local environment. Those plastic sheets will probably seep chemicals into the ground over time. I also wonder how shock-absorbent that plastic really is. Falling on powder snow is a cinch. I can't imagine how it'd be if one fell on SnowFlex, especially at higher speeds.

On the other hand, mountain resorts up north waste thousands of gallons of water or more every day, making artificial snow, so that's not a sustainable solution either.

USA homes

It looks nice but this is so unnatural.
Why not just enjoy what we have in a definite place without all these Artificial things(


If you need to ski in warm places this might be better than artificial snow--but can't skiing just be a perk of snow-getting areas, and sun be a perk of sun-getting areas? Why have everything everywhere?


I think this is a good idea, hopefully it is as successful as Dubai. I believe the system will be similar. If so, falls don't fell much different than when you are on the real thing. With the current status of global warming, this may be the only way to have snow caps around anymore, artificial or not. Not everyone has the money to go to where the snow is these days, especially the majority of people in east Texas.

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