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November 09, 2007



That's beautiful Kaitlin,

One question, was it more special because you were viewing it as a photographer, or would any moments without the camera have been just as special - or do you spend those moments thinking what a great shot it would be?

In a world of visual people, I'm not one, and I always want to know what's going on in your head.


That is one gorgeous photo. Wow.

Cindy LayduHill

Hey Kaitlin ! This is totally awesome ! Love you, Aunt Cindy & Uncle Chris


Kaitlin! you are amazing! yet another perfect moment in time captured by you!
- KDja


Kaitlin! you have done it again! brilliant photo.


its hard to explain, but.... there are times when something just clicks in my mind, when theres something really.... incredible, going on that's so much bigger than just me. i have certain moments like this from my life when i just say to myself right in the middle of whatever is going on "this is totally a perfect moment, im going to remember this forever".... i dont necessarily always have a camera, actually, i usually dont. but its cool because i dont feel like i need to share all the time realizing others might not appreciate it like i do. with this photo in particular, i have a lot of people tell how great of a photograph it is, not realizing what exactly was going on in my mind at the time of taking it, (which is still great, and i love hearing what people think!), but i should thank you for actually taking the time to absorb my words too. i hope i somewhat explained/helped.....

thank you all for the kind words *kaitlin

Ches Whinery

Dang your slowly getting famous...haha loveyou



omg. i love this...it looks like national geographic. you are surely amazing.


my goodness. this is an amazing photo. i really like the one you took with your polariod too.

annie lorenzen

It is a beautiful picture. I am so proud of you !
love you
Aunt Annie


Kaitlin this photo is spectacular as were the others from that day, keep up the beautiful work!

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