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October 30, 2007



It's wonderful that you have allowed yourself to be open to different and varying locations to visit. It's true. There are some places one can just love to death. It's wise to be open to new locations. The planet is so big, but the more I travel it's so familiar.

I enjoy bumping into people I've met in other parts of the world. The world begins to feel like your livingroom if you can be so fortunate to experience it.

Thanks for sharing ...

Robert Palmisano

Does the term “adventure travel” mean the traveler must become an Indiana Jones and endure steaming jungles, baking deserts or stormy seas? Does it mean risking life and limb in war zones or regions that have been prone to terrorist attack? Does it mean crawling on your belly in the claustrophobic depths of a cave, or dangling from a rope at a cliff-face hundreds of feet above a torrential river?


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Travel Guide

There are lot of information we could gather from our traves. We see different people, share experrience, listen to others experinces. I have learnt somewhere that the world is a book, one who does not travel reads only one page.

Irina Zilmy

Very interesting article. I really like it!

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