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October 23, 2007



Bangkok Tuk Tuk drivers are not the most trustworthy of drivers... from 10 baht drives that drop you off at a gem store, to them telling you the grand palace is closed, to them hawking picture of 'prettttty women', from their friends joining you on journeys, to having no idea where they are going you are far better off (and its cheaper) to take a moto driver or taxi.

Ben Rushing

True, Global Warming alarmists are usually the same people who oppose development in poor countries and globalism. They are nothing but anti-capitalist fear mongers. They really don't care what the unintended consequences of their actions are, as long as their agenda is passed.


The Tuk Tuk does not need to go away. Big or small any ride can run clean. Perhaps on Propane. Global Warming may or may not be a farce but, clean is still good.

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