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October 22, 2007



I just spent 4 months living in Paris! At the time, I was a lacto-ovo vegetarian and I didn't really find the diet to be difficult even though I stayed with a host family. I think that veganism is significantly harder in France, however, especially because they don't have to deal with the same mass-industrialized food system that we do. Therefore I found that the French generally didn't understand some of my motivations not to eat meat (antibiotics, hormones, conditions, amongst a slew of others).

I loved the restaurant in Montmartre!

One last thing, did you find that the 'vegetarians' you encountered still expected you to eat fish/seafood?


I would agree that being vegetarian is still a rather strange thing in France, especially for people like my parents, in their 50's. "What you don't eat charcuterie? And chicken, no more chicken?" Their meals are inevitably made up of starch, veg and meat. So when I visit my parents, I end up eating beans and mashed potatoes with bread...

However, people in their 20's and 30's are becoming more attracted to healthy diets, and more people follow a vegetarian diet. The proof is the vegetarian restaurants that open up in cities such as Strasbourg.

So although it is not as easy to be vegetarian in France as it is in the U.K., the options are growing.

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