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September 24, 2007


Philip Caines

Eco Tourism is a pressing topic for every major tour organization.

Please be a part of the first published book from a blogging community; the Tips From The T-List is a collection of the best blog entries from T-List members. The purpose of the book is to give tips to travel marketing executives about the latest trends in user ecotourism, and other tourism trends. The book will be distributed at the first Canada e-Connect Conference in November as well the Wired In Travel Conference in Singapore, and it will also be available to delegates at the Travolution Conference in London. This is a phenomenal opportunity to share your blog with some of the most influential travel and tourism executives in the World!


Press Pickup:

Book Details:
ISBN 978-0-9784651-0-0

To submit your posts for consideration, go to http://www.radaron.com/wiki/tiki-index.php

The deadline for submission is September 30th, 2007

My Wonderful World

Better late than never, I always say. Check out my post about sustainable city Curitiba, Brazil:

My Wonderful World

Sorry, I'm not sure the link worked last time. That's Curitiba, Brazil: a leader in sustainable development

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