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August 22, 2007



I don't think this new move by Toronto should be proudly celebrated by claiming a "green" status. Even if the CN Tower is lit with LED technology that uses 10% less energy than older technology, the fact still remains that the lights are using 90% more energy than what was there before: nothing.

Marilyn Terrell

You make a good point about lighting vs not lighting the tower. Here's a little background. The CN Tower was opened to the public in 1976. Back then, people weren't worried about global warming; in fact, in 1975, Newsweek ran a cover story about the possibility of global cooling: http://denisdutton.com/cooling_world.htm

The tower was originally lit with incandescent bulbs the size of washing machines, but these bulbs were removed in 1997 because they were inefficient and expensive to repair. So for 10 years the tower was dimly lit, until Toronto could come up with a more efficient way to light it. Tiny LEDs were the answer, and they are 10% more energy efficient than the dim lighting, and actually 60% more efficient than the original incandescent lights. Recognizing that cities around the world light up their skylines (have you seen Hong Kong lately?), IT gives Toronto credit for finding a more energy efficient way to do it, and we're hoping they point the way for other cities to save energy without going totally dark.
IT's interested in what other readers think. Should the CN Tower be condemned or commended on their new lighting system?

Duncan Munday

I think that the use of Led lights and other energy efficient lighting should be encouraged, whether it be for commercial buildings or for houses. Its seems that if big commercial offices and building are going to continue being lit up at night (which I imagine they will do) it is better that they use energy efficient ways of doing so. Lets hope this sets an example to other cities around the world to start taking similar action.

Ace Lamps

An excelent use of energy efficient lighting. Yes it may be using power, but at least they have listened to the issues of being greener and have installed a newer more efficient way of lighting the tower.


Thanks for the great YouTube video!

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