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August 16, 2007



The world needs more Java Green. This place is like an oasis in DC. Thanks for the article. They deserve it.


Congratulations to Java Green for winning Best Veg Restaurant! I found out about it on VegDC.com and went there for lunch last time I was in DC. The food was amazing and the award is well-deserved.

Java Green should be on everyone's must-go list for visitors and residents


Sounds great! I am in MD and get to DC often. I will definitely visit :)

Joy Miksic

This seems like a good, caring group to ask for some help!... National Geographic just sent me a world map with my magazine subscription. That's nice, but these maps could be so very valuable to children who have no access to maps....We support teachers in Haiti - and there are no maps. If people who have received these from NG could part with their copy, we would love to take them with us to Haiti to put in classrooms. Please, check out our website www.pwofansanm.org for contact info.


Java Green is one of my favorite DC cafes. The food is really healthy and tastes amazing. I usually go for lunch, but they are open for dinner now. Truly a rare gem in a sea of un healthy mediocre lunch places. The only downside is that their success has made them really popular and during lunch they can be a bit understaffed.

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