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July 20, 2007





Having just read the article in Traveler, this was the "other side of the story" I was missing. I'm glad Wil was able to re-evaluate his relationship with his mother - many people twice his age aren't able to do that - and help make the trip a success for both of them.


I hope, one day, my own children will choose to take an adventure with me. Right now, we sort of drag each other along and compromise on everyone's agenda. I hope we can develop something else as we travel the rest of this journey together.


I just wanted to say that I was so excited when I read your article. When I was nineteen years old (I'm twenty-eight now,) my best friend and I stayed in Certaldo. It was probably the best time in my life. I remember that city with so much love in my heart: laying in the sunflowers fields at sunset, taking a ride on an old Vespa with a cute Italian guy, walking every day to the butcher and veggie shops and cooking dinner... It was amazing. Thank you for bringing me back to that special time in my life.

Linda Bong

I am glad to read Will's side of the story. Thanks for posting it. Great Pieces!


Being a real italian I know that we can be very emotional. But as a owner of a hotel in Tuscany I can promise you will only witness happy individuals, hear the sound of birds and enjoy the view.

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